Lighting up the Lea

Documentation from BassBQ will be added to the forthcoming Past section of the site.

This event saw the premier of a new work ‘Mycelial Quintina Receptor’ that was created for Cody Dock community arts project BassBQ

The Dark Outside A 24 hour radio broadcast of Unheard Sound

George has contributed a sound piece for The Dark Outside (

Noon 31st August 2013 - Noon 1st September 2013

Murrays Monument and along the A712, Dumfries and Galloway 

A 24-hour site-specific radio transmission within the Dark Skies Park

Other artists include: Cosey Fanni Tutti, Alexander Peverett, X-TG, Carter Tutti, Drew McDowall, Dalglish, Plaid, :zoviet*france:, Skeksi and more

New Work

Premier of a new work titled ‘Mycelial Quintina Receptor #1’ can be heard at Cody Dock community arts project BassBQ, overlooking the River Lea in London. 12pm-6pm Sunday 14th July

The Sound of Silence

A sound sample from George’s work for the Interstice project on Bus Editions has been added to the Silence page in the releases section of this website.

This is a commissioned piece for the Interstice 2 CD release on Bus Editions, and includes artists Roel Meelkop, Theo Burt, Una Knox, Francisco Lopez, Gert-Jan Prins, Ofrah, EVOL, Lorenzo Senni, Kozo Inada, Tomas Korber, 3.14, Rob Lye, Ed Atkins, Simon Cryan, Kenneth Kirschner, George Rogers + more

Silence 30.4.2012

Silence - a commissioned piece for Bus Editions is being mastered and will be ready for release soon.

New Work 31.1.2012

New work is nearing completion. Studio versions of the Solstice Mantra pieces set for release in late spring.

There will also be a special limited edition release of - ‘a triptych of cosmic awe’. Handmade packaging signed and numbered by the artist, each disk will feature unique cover artwork. Prints of the original cover art can be purchased at

New Pages

The releases page has been updated with past and future works. Sound samples coming soon!

A projects page has been added for current projects by George Rogers.

Solstice Mantra

This Winter Solstice - the 21st December, George will be performing live versions of new audio work from his forthcoming album. The Surgeon will be headlining the event.  It will be held at One Thoresby Street, a fantastic new art gallery in Nottingham. The new work is part of a commissioned response to themes relating to the current exhibition. The work formed around ideas relating to repetition, control and manipulation, which are the main themes running through the exhibition.  A link to tickets for the event:

Remix for Susan Matthews

The long awaited release of a remix for Susan Matthews is out now on Sirenwire Recordings. This remix was created by monitoring the artists heart rate to control parameters in the music production.

Website 17.12.2011

This is a new website and it will be updated with more information soon, watch this space!