This is a commissioned piece for the release ‘Interstice’ on the label Bus Editions. George was asked to respond to the theme of Silence. What does silence mean to you?

BUS editions 003 - http://www.bus-editions.com

V/A - interstice (2CD)

(Roel Meelkop, Theo Burt, Una Knox, Francisco Lopez, Gert-Jan Prins, Ofrah, EVOL, Lorenzo Senni, Joe Gilmore, Kozo Inada, Tomas Korber, 3.14, Rob Lye, Ed Atkins, Simon Cryan, Kenneth Kirschner, George Rogers + more)

Sound sample from George’s work for the interstice project, titled Rosemary Conley’s Face in the Undertone Series:


© Sound subject to copyright George Rogers 2011