Solstice Mantras for the Miller of Eternity

Forthcoming album by George Rogers to be released Spring 2012

This project began its life as a set of ideas which were given flesh when George was asked to respond to the ideas within the exhibition, they include; the media, marketing and advertising, consumerism, tabloid papers, language, repetition and pattern, religion, meditative states, cultural trance, change of state, and the power of belief.

Presented as a series of meditations on these themes, the sound pieces encapsulate the artists ideas on repetition of cultural memes generated by consumerism. These are portrayed in both positive and negative scenes, the externalisation and loss of personal power through false ideals generated by the media, and the inherent consequences of such behaviour. Relinquish us from the Age of Fear!

The idea of repetitive behaviour in a positive sense, for the generation of positive internal transformation, and personal empowerment is represented through the use of repetition in the form of mantras to achieve ‘change of state’. Sound as pathways for self-transformation. Sonic Tantra. A journey into Solar Consciousness through ecstatic repetition.


Solstice Mantra

A live performance recorded on the Winter Solstice 2011

Opening Rites

Unity of Ololon

Dreamers Lantern - Moorland Version

Purple Circle


Bone Piano

Chandrakala Motion

Possible Colours

Composed, produced and performed by George Rogers

© George Rogers 2011

© George Rogers 2011